Christmas E-cards. Worthwhile branding or a complete waste of time?

Have you sent out e-cards this year and what was your motive? Apart from bringing festive cheer to one and all :-)

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Worthwhile if the design is in line with branding and the message is relevant and even tailored made, otherwise yes a waste of time and even worse!

Hi Angelina,

Very true indeed. Having said that, I've seen a few this year that have used video very well. Far more interesting especially as the video included the people from the company. Good bit of fun which is what it's all about.

Nice...that sounds very interactive. From the clients point of view it shows a sense of community and strong identity about the company, that is nice and natural, and fun!

We like to receive cards, but you could argue that if they are not generating any income then you shouldn't do it. On the other side it does create goodwill, its not all about money, Christmas is about giving. We sent a little flyer with our cards this year to get the best of both worlds and it brought in a lot of new work in the new year. I am not sure if people just had time to stop and think a bit over the Xmas period and our flyer was all about opportunities.

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