We're looking to rebrand the UK Marketing Network and as this is your network we would love for you to have your say.

First we wanted to create a new logo and our wonderful designer has come up with these initial concepts which we wanted to share with you. So what are your thoughts? What would you like for your network?

Designs by Steve Humber Design 

©2012 Steve Humber Design. All designs remain the property of steve humber design and may only be reproduced with permission.

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Great that you're asking us to be involved. I'm drawn to the middle and bottom left logos. Firstly, I find the fonts you've used for these two clean, sleek and pleasing to the eye. The color combinations (i.e. bright cerise and grey and bright orange and grey) also suggest a more creative organisation whereas red and blue come across as slightly more corporate (as do the icons incorporated into the logos on the right). The pink UKMN jumps right out of the page so this logo probably has my vote overall. Looking forward to seeing which direction you take - good luck with the rebrand!

Thanks for the swift reply Linsay! I too am a fan of the middle left logo, would this still be your favourite if colours were changed around? Great to get your opinion!

I like the options, my fav would be the pink, I like the style and typography used however I would explore other colour options.  Pink can be overused now, but I do agree going with a vibrant tone. I would also not italicise the 'where marketers mix'  keep it standard, it will be easier to read since it is used in a smaller point size.  Also adjust the length so the 'x' in 'mix' ends where the 'k' in 'network' does, it would balance it out.   Hopes that helps!  Looking forward to seeing the full rebranding!

I think it would still be my favourite option Jane, provided the alternative to pink was equally as vibrant a colour. I agree with Jessie's suggestion of aligning the "x" and the "k" to create more balance/symetry. As an alternative to the italics, the tagline could be written in your chosen bright colour (as you have done in the bottom right option) to make this statement bolder.

Hello Jane, my favourite option is the middle left option as well because it feels "networked" with how the letters blend into each other, and it feels digital at the same time. On this one I'd try an alternative where the tagline uses the same colour as UKMN and, like Jessica suggests, I'd also explore other colour options. One thought you might have had yourself is that it may use up too much space for some applications. Thinking favicon for example, you might want to try an alternative where MN sits underneath UK as that could be compact enough to be used as a favicon by itself. And try one where you lose the UKMN and the vertical line altogether and instead colour the UKM and N in the same dominant colour. Thanks for the opportunity to feed back on these options. Always an exciting project, such a rebrand. Looking forward to seeing it come to life!

Hi Jane, 

I love the importance of logos and branding - thanks for asking us to comment!

I really like the second down on the left, the pink and grey one. The way the letters blend into each other, its quite eye catching.

I also like the third one down - how the 'where marketers mix' sits neatly in the heading. Or bringing that forward more to sit under the UK Marketing rather than the Network.

I would look at developing the second one, taking some elements of the others such as the boldness of the blue one would make the lettering stand out more.

I look forward to seeing some more designs!



Hello Fellow UK Marketers,


Long time haven't been here. I also do agree that pink color is a really vibrant. Moreover, pink color has an association with imagination and passion, attributes which perfectly characterize Marketers. So, I vote for middle left logo.

Also, I think the bottom right logo is also good. It channels some interactivity and dynamism. Moreover, it also has got pink color in "K" letter.

So, my votes would go to the middle left and bottom right logos! I'm really glad that UK Marketing Network rebrands itself, constantly grows and has got constant updates...


Hello All,

I wanted to say a quick thank you for all of your responses, you've had some great ideas, so we've gone back to our designer with the feedback, and will keep you updated with our progress. We've loved getting you involved so thanks again for replying to the discussion.

We've been mulling over the colour options alot and have narrowed it down to pink, green or a light blue.

What do you think?

Hello again Jane,

When it comes to colour choices I recommend considering the psychology behind colours, what they stand for and what associations they evoke (which differs by culture). In our western culture pink is associated with femininity, green with growth, blue with intelligence. These are just examples, as you're probably aware there are more aspects to each colour so it depends on what you want your logo to emphasize and which colour represents that best. Looking foward to seeing the new round!

I agree wholeheartedly with considering colour psychology. One other consideration which springs to mind when you mention using a light blue is to ensure it's a colour which will work well on screen. Often when paler colours are used on logos they end up looking washed out when on screen, and far less prominent than when printed.

Keep us posted in progress!

As promised we wanted to keep you updated. So most of you decided the UKMN logo looked to be the best and is most practical for shrinking for sites like twitter. We've been considering some different colours so what are your thoughts?

Designs by Steve Humber Design 

©2012 Steve Humber Design. All designs remain the property of steve humber design and may only be reproduced with permission.

Jane, your chosen logo is fresh, vibrant and bold all at the same time. Love it. When do you plan on updating your favicon so that it's equally as slick?

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