Buying has changed. People are researching business decisions after putting the kids to bed, over breakfast or during their lunchbreak. They aren't receptive to campaigns from vendors. They prefer to confer with people in their business who've had similar experiences, people they trust as experts and others they believe can add to their knowledge.

That means marketing is always on. It doesn't work in campaigns any more. Nor is it  about "leads" to an appointment.

Technology can transform how you relate to prospects. 

It can ensure that people are given good personalised help with their request, whatever time of day. 

It can put them into a niche of one, with stuff which is exactly right for them.

It can allow them to go through their decision process at their speed, with all the information they need at each stage of their decision. 

It can allow them to share information around their organisation, to involve others in the decision making team and manage the change process.

And it can allow them to build a powerful trusted partner relationship with your company without ever becoming a "lead". 

Don't waste this power on discredited 20th century marketing methods.

They don't work any more, no matter how you apply technology.

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Its Not fully we adopt the ideas you are talking about, its depends how much this things going to help us in current or future situation...anyways nice thoughts


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