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Checkout A/B Test: Checkout Test Which Increased Conversion By 13.39%

What we tested

We tested removing ‘basket’ step in the checkout and instead we created one page checkout. This one page checkout acted as a basket and the checkout at the same time. Visitors were able to remove items, or edit quantity and add promo code.

The checkout part stayed the same, as the point of assurance part in the right hand navigation.

Test background

The client sells downloadable exam software for the IT industry. There…


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Guest blog post – from mpm legal – Social Media in the Workplace

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 15/02/2012 - http://www.fusingcreativity.com/2012/02/guest-blog-post-from-mpm-legal-social-media-in-the-workplace/


Our friends at mpm legal have kindly shared some of their wisdom and advice with us on how they…


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Is it worth having a paid-for LinkedIn account?

We all want to get something for our money – and that’s true when it comes to investing in social media. With LinkedIn, the business-to-business network, you can have an account for free but there is the opportunity to get an account with more features. Is it worth paying just under £200 a year for such an account? Mark Saxby quizzes Martin Broadhurst to find out, in today’s…


Added by Mark Saxby on February 27, 2012 at 11:30 — 10 Comments

Globalisation pt 9 - Language Learning

Languages bring bottom-line benefits. 
Progress on cultural awareness, basic international communication and basic vocabulary makes us much more effective in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.  We may choose to progress further and start to learn a language, building on the secure foundation which we have established. There are a wide range of methods which we can select and/or combine to make effective progress.…

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The Day I was Attacked by a Children's TV Star (and what it tells us about social media marketing)

It’s not often you meet a true megastar and that moment in 1981 will stick with me with forever. Being a journalist for 20 years, including 11 years in the BBC, I met many famous people. Most were very ordinary in person, the odd one shone. But that encounter when I was just 10 years old knocks all other celebs into a cocked hat.

I was sitting in the audience in the Pier at Cleethorpes when I was…


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Be creative with your marketing

When planning your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, why not factor in on-hold marketing?  After all 94% of marketing budgets are spent generating calls, with only 6% allocated to call management.


Are you missing a great opportunity?…


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What the heck is Pinterest and how can it help business?

It’s come out of nowhere but lots of people seem to be talking about Pinterest. But what exactly is it? And how useful is it for business? Take a listen to Mark Saxby quizzing Martin Broadhurst about the latest social network to get people excited. It’s today’s Status Update… What the heck is Pinterest? (mp3)…


Added by Mark Saxby on February 20, 2012 at 10:58 — 4 Comments

Globalisation pt 8 - Basic vocabulary

While it is possible to travel and transact business in many countries through English or one of the other world languages, adding a small vocabulary of the local language is always very worthwhile.  Use of even a small ‘Meet and Greet’ vocabulary helps to break down barriers and establish good relationships. It shows that we respect the people of the country we are in and that we are serious about building international…


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5 tips to drive comments on your company blog

A blog post is more than just a piece of informative, thought-provoking content. It is an invitation to engage. It is a virtual doorway, inviting interested prospects to connect with your business, primarily through comments, which can lead to fruitful conversations.


The challenge? The sheer…


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Globalisation pt 7 - Offshore English

In continental English, the expression ‘controlling the formation’ means ‘checking the training’. This is not incorrect; it is just the vocabulary of a different form of English which is used as a common language.
The English language has spread around the world.  It is now used as the official language of many countries, a common language in several very large countries with hundreds of native languages such as India and Nigeria and a means of communication between…

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Should Facebook be banned at work?

Is business suffering because of social media? Are our employees throwing away valuable time tweeting and updating their statuses, rather than working? Is the answer a ban on social media during office hours? Mark Saxby thinks so. Martin Broadhurst doesn’t. Listen to their (sometimes heated) debate by clicking the link below or at The Status…


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What is the EU Data Protection Regulation?

In late January 2012, a draft text of the European Union’s new Data Protection Regulation (a wider overhaul of the 1995 Data Protection Directive) was published. The draft is going to be debated and discussed by the European Parliament and by the Council on Ministers, and any changes to the draft regulation could take up to 4 years to come into play.



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Ten essential marketing tips

Follow these 10 easy wins for an instant marketing boost...


1. Understand your customers

Getting to know your customers is the most important stage of the marketing process. The more accurate your information and knowledge, the more effective you will be at selling. Use all information at your disposal to understand…


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How to create a nation of start-ups: the inside guide to Israel's economic miracle

By Roger Trapp 

Thanks to the ongoing hostilities with its Middle East neighbours, Israel is one of the most reported on countries in the world. Indeed, there is such extensive coverage of the almost continuous unrest in the region, and the associated political machinations, that it is sometimes hard to imagine that there is anything like ordinary life there. However, not only is there ordinary life, there is an extraordinary economic miracle taking place amid the…


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The death of internal email?

Imagine someone said there are to be no more internal emails sent. Ever.

Fortunately this only applies to one company, Atos. This technology giant is one of the first to impose a ban on internal emails to be brought in by 2014.  It seems radical and unimaginable at first. But take a minute to think…


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Have marketing agencies gone soft?

When I first started working in marketing agencies, it was all about the sales. The phrase that kept us awake at night was ‘you are only as good as your last campaign’, and campaign success was determined by sales. Preferably lots of them.

Last week I had a meeting and the campaign was deemed successful due to the increase in ‘touch points’, the moment when a potential customer encounters the brand.

These days lower bounce rates and higher…


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Using Professional Images to Get More Attention for Business.

We use so many different tools to inform our target markets and promote ourselves to the wider world. Websites, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, articles, press releases and brochures; the opportunities to create awareness and a good reputation about what we do seems to grow all the time.

What do all those tools have in common? They all look better with photographs, especially ones that show the best and most genuine USP of our business – our…


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Globalisation pt 6 - Translation

‘The lift is being fixed for the next day. During that time we regret that you will be unbearable’.
We have all seen menus, hotel brochures and notices in English that make little or no sense and are often amusing.  These are examples of bad translation and the very last thing you want for your own company or organisation.  Poor translation into any language by an inexperienced or unqualified interpreter is frustrating, potentially damaging to our image and…

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7 Website Design Tips

If you're looking to build a new website, or refresh an old one, these design tips will come in handy and will help to boost the success of your business.

If you don’t have a website yet - or if your site contains outdated content, is difficult to use or no longer reflects the image of your business - you could run the risk of turning off customers and prospects. And that means…


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Living in a world without jobs (and we don't mean Steve)

As the Eurozone crisis lurches from one supposedly critical meeting to the next, it is becoming increasingly clear why the rest of the world is looking on with some anxiety. Without “the prospect of growth” (in the words of Luxembourg’s prime minister, Claude Juncker) there is really little prospect of tackling a problem that dwarfs the Eurozone crisis – the shortage of jobs around the…


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