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What will the New Data Laws Mean for Your Marketing?

With news that the European Data Protection Law is set to change over the next two years, many Marketers are concerned about what these changes are going to mean to…


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How to increase your sales, leads and customer base...

Turning your website traffic or social media following into sales or leads is something that keeps many business owners and marketers up at night.

In boardrooms from Brighton to Bangkok businesses are trying to think of ways they can make the most of this mobile revolution we are experiencing.

One way I certainly think that businesses can do this is through the power of a keyword...

A keyword allows a customer to text you, to opt-in on your mobile marketing schemes, news…


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You love your Mum more than your Dad - fact

With Fathers Day fast approaching I have decided to reveal your little secret... You love your Mum more than your Dad - don't you?

However don’t be ashamed it appears that the whole world seems to share your view, it seems that all those bad unfunny jokes they have told over the years have come back to haunt them.

Consumers spend 3 times (75%) more on Mum’s than Dad’s …


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Increase your Success with Data Driven Marketing

Data is the bread and butter of the marketing industry.

It’s always been used to create targeted campaigns that can be measured, and give businesses real value of money when it comes to getting success.

But with the increase of social platforms and analytics tools such as google…


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Top Tips for Marketing Your Business at Events

With event season in full swing many businesses can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of new and existing clients finally getting a preview of what it is that you do and how you do it.

When so much communication is now done online, it’s no surprise that selling…


Added by David Walker on May 19, 2015 at 9:07 — 1 Comment

“SMS Marketing Increased Our Sales Turnover by 30%” - Want to Know How?

We all know that the world has well and truly gone mobile, companies have re-structured their business models and marketing efforts to account for this amazing little device that has almost become a part of our hands.

Flight Quotes have certainly realised this, and SMS marketing has helped them grow and develop their business into a well-oiled successful mobile machine.

Flight Quotes offer great deals on first class and business class flights with all the major airlines and…


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Content marketing infographic No.2

IF ..content marketing was Bradley Wiggins’ bicycle

Here’s the second in our series of content marketing graphics which attempt to demonstrate the power of Content Marketing through visual metaphor. Here we see Sir Bradley powering his content hub with high quality blogs, leading to a growing audience and competition bashing results. …

content marketing infographic no.2


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Uh-Oh! 3 Practical steps to save your B2B lead generation strategy

We’re over a quarter of the way through 2015 already (crikey), and as time flies so do our strategic marketing goals, lead generation targets and department budgets as well.

But when it comes to that all-important quarterly review, are you ready to smash the socks off your planned vs…


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If you weren't a marketer, what would you be?

We recently asked our group what they would be doing if they weren't in marketing and thoroughly enjoyed reading the results!…


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So what return can you realistically expect from mobile marketing?

Well for any business no matter what the sector or size, the message is clear - keep the costs low and the profit margins high and maybe one day you will be sipping Champagne on your village sized yacht in the South of France.

However once you have your amazing product or service it’s often telling the world about how great it is which proves the hardest…


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NZ Pork under fire as critics claim latest marketing campaign is sexist

A pretty unknown brand in the UK has suddenly been pushed into the spot light, but not for anything good. They have recently launched the marketing campaign; Mum's Night Off and received a back-lash on social media for their apparent sexism.

NZ Pork have released a video alongside a recipe website which can be viewed in both 'Blokes mode' or 'Mums mode'. Not a good start…


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“There’s a beast and we all feed it” sings Vauxhall’s marketing campaign

As a way of introducing the new Vauxhall Corsa and its latest gizmo’s, the DOOH campaign launches across major cities; although this one comes with a marketing twist.

From today, whenever the temperature drops below 5°C, the creative - planned by Posterscope and Carat - will switch to highlight the new Corsa’s weather-related product features, such as the heated windscreen, the heated seats and the heated steering…


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Your best brand storyteller? Ask the expert!

Your business might be telling an exciting, captivating and helpful story… but is the right person telling it?

Successful companies already know that people buy people.  In my experience, professional buyers seeking product and service solutions will look at the people providing it and make subjective decisions based on how assured they are by the specialism and specialist knowledge they exhibit.

Specialist knowledge comes from an in-depth understanding…


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This is what the future of Digital looks like (neat infographic)

Yes, we're now well into 2015, but that doesn't stop marketers second guessing what the year ahead holds for us in the land of all things Digital.

So, to break down all the hot gossip Squared Online have created this neat infographic (pictured below) from a recent Digital Marketing Show. 

What it all looks like 

Results underpin the Digital future encompassing an increase in people working for small businesses, more investment in 'people'…


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Mobile set to dominate 2015 as well

Mobile continues to grow and grow without showing any signs of slowing down.

It dominated 2014 - Google announced it was now a mobile first company meaning anything they produce, is designed and built to work on mobile first and then desktop second.

The smartphone has become such an integral part of our everyday lives that we can't bare to be without it, and as it's use and functions go up, our love and obsession with it only increases. 

It is believed that we are soon…


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5 Marketing Fails To Make You Feel Better

If you’re a Marketer and have royally stuffed up this week, you’ll want to read this - it’ll cheer you up.

Sometimes it’s tricky to communicate....

1. WTF?

Perhaps when that person in the office doesn't spot the defunct acronym, this happens:  …


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Marketing Academy Calling On Leaders To Nominate Top Talent For The 2015 Scholarship Programme

Nominations now open for 30 ambitious hopefuls from the world of Marketing, Advertising and Communications to train for accelerated career success.

The Marketing Academy, a voluntary non-profit organisation which gives rising stars in marketing the skills to become the industry’s future leaders, is excited to announce that the 2015 nominations for its flagship Scholarship Programme are now open.

Potential Scholars need to be nominated, so…


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Snapchat launches advertising space – so, whose next?

What it’s all about....

The US mobile app Snapchat has entered commercial territory with the latest addition of Snapchat Discover.  We see ten media content bodies sign up to the launch, the likes of which are Cosmopolitan, National Geographic and Yahoo!

This means that now you can access written articles alongside your timed selfie. What…


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An Internet Minute: 2013 vs 2014

Remember that lovely infographic that flooded the internet in 2013, if you're a marketer you can't have missed it. The infographic illustrated what exactly happened on the internet in 1 minute. Interesting stuff eh??

Lucky for us, TechSpartan have created a new version which shows just how much changed in one year. Unsurprisingly there is even more going on in 1 minute, seems we just can't get enough of the world wide web.…


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Consumers will spend over £42bn this Christmas - are you prepared?

Wether you like it or not, the festive period is upon us.

Along with the endless parties, flowing drinks, annoying relatives and unfortunate turkeys - this is a really good chance to get those tills full with some festive cash.

"Consumers will spend over £42bn this Christmas, of which 13 per cent will be spent online." according to a new report…


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