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6 Ways of Marketing Your Food Business

A business faces a lot of challenges and it can only succeed if it manages to overcome them. Attracting the clients is one of the biggest challenges a business has to face. It is not possible to run a successful business without making sales and to sell products you need…


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Choosing The Right Marketing Platform For A Small Business

If you want to bring up customers on one platform, you need to choose the right marketing platform for your business. For this, you need to have an understanding of what your customer needs and how can you help them.

There is a saying that, "if you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one," meaning If you're using broad or generic marketing strategy for your product or service, it never works out! You need to have in-depth knowledge of your…


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30 Content Ideas To Kick Start Your Business Blog

You’ve heard that it’s important for businesses to have a blog. You’ve taken the leap and your blog is all set up and ready to go, but what the heck do you write about?

Lot’s of businesses start out talking exclusively about company news, which is fine and company news is a valid part of a good content mix. However, unless you’re part of a very large organisation, generating enough company news to write about regularly just isn’t going to happen.



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The Oktopost Blog

If you’ve been looking for a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about social media marketing, Oktopost has it covered. For those mystified by social media, this blog is the ideal tutor; and for those who know their way around the social sphere, they can still pick up some new perspectives and a few pointers..

Marketing Video Pricing

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Thanks to's  for recommending StoryNeedle -- in a sea of really great content marketing blogs, this one manages to stand out with its strong emphasis on content strategy and good old-fashioned storytelling. Is rich narrative possible in structured content? Is SEO irrelevant? What does JavaScript have to do with your content structure? Michael Andrews takes on all this and more. …


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Marketing automation software

Year 1992 saw the creation of first Marketing Automation Software, fast forward 2016 Marketing Automation is a growing trend for all Online business Small or Large. We humans love everything automatic cars, washing machines then why not marketing.

The idea seems great with over 1,42,000 businesses already using the power of marketing automation software.

Marketing automation software comes in all sizes, few offering complete solutions and others a more focused solution. The hard…


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How can marketing people get better graphic design results?

If you’re in marketing and you’re about to hire a graphic designer, here’s what you need to know.

Imagine this scenario. You’re a marketing person and you hire a graphic designer to make a poster for an important event.

Your designer creates the poster. The layout is clear. The imagery is beautiful. The typography is exquisite. It makes your heart soar with delight and inspiration.

But nobody shows up. It’s a total disaster. What went wrong? The poster is…


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6 Predictions For Social Media In 2026

What will social media look like in ten years’ time? More or less the same or markedly different?

You might not have given it much thought before, sensibly concentrating on the here and now, but it might be…


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Euro Car Parts appoints Epiphany to drive brand awareness

Euro Car Parts, the UK’s number one distributor of car parts with over 200 branches nationwide, has chosen Epiphany to handle its SEO, PPC and display advertising activity.

Epiphany, a Jaywing agency, will be helping Euro Car Parts to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences through online activity, ultimately boosting revenue growth and market share for the UK company.

With a strong start just three months into the activity, the revenue generated from Euro Car Parts’ PPC…


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Marketing For Millennials: Your B2B PR Needs Adjusting!

Marketing For Millennials: Your B2B PR Needs Adjusting!

In case you haven’t noticed yet: B2B marketing has changed. Big time. Sit back, relax, forget what you have learnt and let me take you to B2B 2016.

Let’s start with an easy question: What age group do you think is the biggest among B2B decision makers? If you guessed 35-44 years you would have been right … … … … four years ago!…


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This is one of the most powerful steps in the sequence as it really strengthens the bond between you and your prospect and allows you to see if your opportunity is a match for them.

The Getting To Know You Call

This will last about 5 minutes and is offered to everyone you have taken through the process.  You have been offering them value…


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10 texting tips and how to avoid SMS howlers

Now the recruitment sector loves SMS and for very good reason. Recruiters love it as it saves them huge amounts of time, their agencies love it as it saves them money and the actual candidates themselves love it as it’s convenient and discreet - everyone is a winner!

With this in mind the chaps over at Bond International Software and Text Marketer are putting on a free webinar to help recruiters get the best out of SMS - so who are they?…


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It's Time to Get Personal


Marketing has been taking a data led approach since the dawn of social media and has allowed us to delve into the lives of our customers and take a peek at what they get up to.

But it works both ways. Thanks to the connected world we live in consumers are now more savvy and cynical than ever before,…


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5 tips: How to get a higher ranking on Google

Google has wised up. Forget trying to cheat your way to a top ranking on the most popular search engine. Google wants to deliver relevant, fresh and interesting websites to its users. Recognise that and you are half way to the top of the search results.

Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird are hunting down the SEO cheats. These are the names given to the latest algorithm updates used by Google to rank your website. Be nice to them, here’s how…

1. Create a rich site with useful… Continue

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Face-to-Face - Is the Traditional Marketing Strategy Dead?

In the modern world of marketing it’s not uncommon to find that every man and his dog is talking about digital. As the explosion of digital marketing has reverberated around the world, it’s no surprise that more traditional methods have taken a back seat. Why call when you can email? And why visit…


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Grow With Digital @ The Growth Hub

The world of Digital Marketing is a fast paced and constantly evolving one. The needs of individual businesses often vary hugely from one another however there are also many times these needs converge. If a business isn't big enough to have a dedicated Marketing Team it can be an impossible task to keep up with all of the new products, services and best practice advice.…


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Reach A Younger Audience | Marketing To Millennials

Marketing Millennials Challenges Tips How To

Millennials have gone from a minority interest’ demographic to a purchasing powerhouse. Generally defined as those aged 18-34 in 2015 this generation has some seriously unique attributes. They’ve grown up with the internet, they’re the most data saturated generation in the history of all human existence. Millennials are the generation that live online, that Google or Bing whenever they have a question and they’re the generation that are really…


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Why brand equity’s at risk from advertising faux-pas

With an increase in the roll-out of international campaigns, the risk of causing unintended offense somewhere in the world has never been greater. A brand can still get things wrong in terms of product names, creative, copy and design, and with the rise of social platforms and content sharing, it now means material intended for one country or region has more chance of being seen elsewhere - and being…


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Moving consumer insight across the border: European expansion and considerations for your target consumer

Guest post by Hannah Campbell, Operations Director, The Work Perk

Even the most British of brands is not immune to the glamour of international travel it seems. Recently John Lewis, one of the UK’s most loved and trusted department stores, announced its intention to expand into The…


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The Future of Digital Marketing

As the years starts to draw to a close it’s a time when most marketers begin to establish their goals for 2016 and plan where to put most of their spend. As the World Wide Web reached its 26th year in 2015, it’s apt that…


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