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Black Friday - sales, stats and marketing tips

Black Friday is nearly upon us - the retail and ecommerce sale phenomenon has taken the US and UK by storm. With some amazing discounts, shoppers have really taken to the discounted spending and in 2014 we saw some unbelievable stats.

Black Friday 2014 was an incredible day for retailers on both…


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How To Periscope An Event

Periscope. We hear a lot of chatter in the marketing and events world about this new live broadcasting tool but how useful is it? And how can you use it to make the most out of your events?

Neil Wilkins, over at Cambridge Marketing College has put together a 10-point guide to making the most…


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Digital Marketing Analytics - The Challenges

Over the last month or so it has become very clear to me that Digital Marketing Agencies as well as commercial Marketing departments have major challenges when it comes to data and content analysis.

The most common challenge is the need to run a variety of tools, Google Analytics, Raven, Moz to name a few. The feedback I have received is that this is due to the lack of cross database and cross platform capabilities of these systems. 

Having these multiple systems has increased…


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Choosing the right digital tools for your business

Technology is evolving at a fantastic rate and the buzzword of the moment right now for businesses is ‘digital’. The growth in use of the web and social media platforms has changed the way people interact, find and choose products and services, so both B2Bs and B2Cs are needing to adapt.



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How a review of 2015 can help you set effective goals

By this time next year, where do you see yourself?

Perhaps it is having achieved a certain level of success, or to be in a different financial position. Or maybe it is having taken steps on that career ladder. Whatever your aims may be, effective goal setting is one of the best ways to keep on…


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The Science of Marketing

A new year is fast approaching and many of you will be looking over your marketing strategies from the past year assessing exactly what worked and just what didn’t.

This year it appears that the dust has finally cleared on the importance of data in marketing, as it was recently reported that…


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Marketing Trends - The Ones to Watch

In marketing new trends emerge daily that we’re told will provide groundbreaking results and ROI, some are fads, some have longevity but finding the marketing trends that will work for your business can sometimes be hard to identify.

To aid you in your quest for marketing perfection, I’ve put…


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5 Awesome Tips to Align Your Sales and Marketing

While theoretically, it makes good business sense for sales and marketing teams to work together in a perfect and productive existence to make sure that a business proves successful, the reality is nearly always far removed from this vision.

Sales teams think that the marketing department…


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INFOGRAPHIC: Why be Squared?

Have you thought about furthering your career by completing a marketing course but weren't sure what you would get from it? Google Squared is the new digital marketing course developed by Google. Recently they surveyed the 1,000 digital marketers who have already undertaken Google's course to find out how this affected their career.…


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The Must-Have Apps for Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals are relying on smartphone apps more than ever before. Having access to certain tools and information on-the-go is crucial if you’re working in the field of marketing. With a whole host of conferences, meetings and networking events to attend, you need to be in a position to effectively manage and plan your projects away from your desk.

This infographic by M2 On Hold, provides…


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Is it time for the B2B world to embrace mobile marketing?

Whether appointment reminds, promotional offers or order confirmation SMS has served a purpose for B2C marketers to communicate with customers in a more personal and dynamic way than ever before. 

As one of the most popular choices for advertising, marketing and communications with customers, mobile and SMS has changed the marketing landscape and marketer's ability to contact customers with their messages, more personally while on the go.

But can…


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MMS vs URL links in SMS messages

When you’re looking to send your customers an image or file on-the-go, what is best? An MMS or an SMS message with a URL link to a webpage?

Not the toughest decision, because there are several reasons a URL link is always a better option...


The chances of your MMS message being delivered are a lot lower than an SMS with a URL link in.

Some users will receive your MMS message, some will receive an SMS…


Added by Jake Jeffries on September 4, 2015 at 13:05 — No Comments

Instagram Followers: Are they better than twitter followers?

By now, you should have a great idea of what Instagram means and what it’s really all about. But if you don’t, we’ll give you a solid rundown of what the service is and what it has to offer you. Instagram was launched in October 2010 Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They were simply two guys with a dream of making it easy for every single person to share their photos, arts, passion, and general fun things with the entire world. Oh boy, did their dream come true.

Ballooning Instagram…


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Don’t Over Complicate Marketing Content

It’s estimated that digital marketing budgets will increase by 17 percent in 2015, so with businesses investing a lot of time and resources to engage their audiences, the truth is that many other businesses will be chasing the same prospects.  

With this in mind it’s crucial that your content…


Added by David Walker on August 25, 2015 at 8:00 — No Comments

Is Your Brand a Marketing Hit or Miss?

Let’s take a moment to think where your brand is probably seen. A website, social media profiles, promotional material, all of your events and company stationary. That’s quite a lot of people seeing your brand. So with such a vast amount of exposure it’s safe to say that the design of your…


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The Stories behind the Most Famous Slogans

Ever wondered how  popular slogans came to be?  From Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ to L’Oreal’s ‘Because You’re Worth It’, check out this infographic from M2 On Hold to find out about the unusual sources of inspiration for these iconic slogans. …


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Why Measuring ROI Might Still Be Difficult - Despite All The Data We Have

According to a study by Fournaise, 80% of CEOs don’t believe that marketing is adding value to overall business success. This isn’t good!  So proving ROI is fundamental to changing this poor perception of marketers. This should be easy to do considering all the digital data we now have access to. However, having all this…


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60 Seconds with Dan Hare - Accidental Ads, Gibberish Generators & Underdogs

We managed to pin down Dan Hare, Communigators chatty man for a quick 60 second interview before his upcoming talk at On the Edge Conferences.

Dan is a former integrated communications agency director with extensive digital B2B and B2C experience. Having gone to the technology side of things around two years ago, Dan now helps marketers to create highly effective digital marketing campaigns using CommuniGator’s technologies.…


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The Event Marketing Trends of 2015

As all marketers know, exhibiting at events is a costly marketing strategy that can be difficult to gain positive ROI. But the staid days of tables and chairs, and sales men pitching to people from all angles is a thing of the past, as the event trends of 2015 show, it’s no longer about selling, it’s about…


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Easy and efficient ways to collect your customers’ data

Your marketing campaigns whether it be email or mobile, will only be as good as your data.

So what’s the best way to collect your customers’ data?

With so many different ways to be in contact with your customers these days it would be wrong to assume that only one way is best. It always depends on your type of business and clientele.

The meteoric rise of online and social media has posed many different…


Added by Jake Jeffries on July 16, 2015 at 8:20 — No Comments

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