When planning your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, why not factor in on-hold marketing?  After all 94% of marketing budgets are spent generating calls, with only 6% allocated to call management.


Are you missing a great opportunity?


On-Hold Marketing can help you sound professional to your callers whilst strengthening your brand and customer perfection. In a perfect world no-one would put their callers on-hold, but its now a way of life for most businesses- considering 70% of business inbound callers are put on-hold, in-queue or transferred.  These buttons are the most used over any other phone system feature!


Being onhold can be annoying, so why not exploit this free air-time whilst callers are being transferred and turn frustrated customers into happy customers!!  A silent on-hold message can be extremely cold and callers tend to hand up sooner than you want.  It is also a great way of cross-selling and up-selling new products or services.


UK iData statistcs show that 88% of callers surveyed preferred message recordings to the radio or silence.  Furthermore, many who were placed on hold (with silence) weren’t sure if they were in a queue or being ignored.

If you don’t already have on-hold messaging, have you thought about what opportunities you could be missing out on? How do you currently handle a surge in calls following recent marketing campaigns, or seasonal changes?

Turn this onhold time into marketing time and plan it into this coming years strategy. It is one marketing approach you really should not be missing out on.

Click on the link now to find out more about On-hold Audio Marketing Alternatively, call us on 0845 279 200 and book a Free Audio Audit of your current marketing activity to establish how audio can be used to build your brand and maximise customer contact.

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