Checkout A/B Test: Checkout Test Which Increased Conversion By 13.39%

What we tested
We tested removing ‘basket’ step in the checkout and instead we created one page checkout. This one page checkout acted as a basket and the checkout at the same time. Visitors were able to remove items, or edit quantity and add promo code.

The checkout part stayed the same, as the point of assurance part in the right hand navigation.

Test background
The client sells downloadable exam software for the IT industry. There is no shipping charge.

- test duration 5 weeks
- over 7,500 visitors took part in this test, who generated over 3,300 transactions
- 3 variations in the test

NOTE: We ran 3 test variations. The 3rd variation was leading visitors directly to checkout, skipping the basket page. The reason for this set up was due to the fact that the client was already leading visitors directly to the first step in the checkout and we, including our client, wanted to know if that was the right thing to do. However, after 4 weeks of running of this test, we decided to stop this variation as it was the weakest performing of the 3 variations.

Test results
- we improved conversion by 13.39% at 100% confidence level
- revenue per visitor went up from $44.87 to $51.52, a 14.82% increase at 100% confidence level
- this test alone brought extra $62,000 in monthly revenue, or annual revenue increase by over $744,000

To download the full case study with checkout screenshots and test results, simply click on the button to re-tweet this blog post. Once done, your download will start automatically.

Once you have downloaded this case study and then tested, please come back and share with us by how much you improved your conversion in your checkout.

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