Facebook: How to download your friends email addresses from facebook

I recently saw a great post about running a promotion on facebook by Lee-Ann Bedford. One of the comments by Karen Solway requested if anyone knew how to download / extract your friend's email addresses from facebook.


Now I'm always up for a challenge so I set off on my mission. It wasn't long before I discovered facebook doesn't actually let you do this and although there are various hacks, you're likely to end up in hot water with the FB police.


So here's how you do it:


1. Get a Yahoo email account (if you don't have one already) 

2. Click on the 'CONTACTS' tab and then click 'Import Contacts'

3. Click the facebook icon

4. Click 'OK' to share with Yahoo and once downloaded click 'View Imported Contacts'

6. To export to CSV / Excel click 'Actions', select 'Yahoo CSV' and 'export now'


All done!


Or watch how it's done here:



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