Globalisation pt 9 - Language Learning

Languages bring bottom-line benefits. 
Progress on cultural awareness, basic international communication and basic vocabulary makes us much more effective in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment.  We may choose to progress further and start to learn a language, building on the secure foundation which we have established. There are a wide range of methods which we can select and/or combine to make effective progress.
Classes in local colleges - day or night classes once or twice a week can provide a good learning environment with group support. It is important to ensure that the level and content are appropriate.
  • Immersion courses can provide intensive learning which makes for fast progress. If they are in the country of the target language this reinforces language learning and provides an opportunity to adapt to the culture.
  • One-to-one or small group training using a tutor.  This effective method offers the possibility of sector, profession or task specific training.
  • Distance learning through television, on-line or using CDs and audio tapes.
The key to progress is an accurate assessment of training needs and selection of the appropriate mix of learning methods along with a strong commitment to the task of learning.

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