Snapchat launches advertising space – so, whose next?

What it’s all about....

The US mobile app Snapchat has entered commercial territory with the latest addition of Snapchat Discover.  We see ten media content bodies sign up to the launch, the likes of which are Cosmopolitan, National Geographic and Yahoo!

This means that now you can access written articles alongside your timed selfie. What differentiates Snapchat Discover from other publishing platforms is that its content only lives for 24 hours, adhering to the apps timed content feature. Then it’s consumed by a sort of digital death and vanishes to...who knows where.

You've got to make money from somewhere – right?

Although there are doubts that its latest feature steps away from Snapchat’s original appeal of personal photo sharing with friends, the social publishing device is following in the steps of Facebook and Twitter who also promote advertising content. Surely it was only a matter of time; after all, you've got to make money somewhere, right?   

So, which platform will be next - could it be Whatsapp? The app that endeavours never to clash the user experience by adding advertising space to its offering.

Are you a fan of the latest content from Snapchat Discover? Share your feedback in the commentary below.

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