Snickers Launches AdWords Campaign Targeting Misspelled Words

The strategy to target wrongly spelled keywords has been used by many search engine optimisation marketers because such PPC ads are often cheaper than those for correctly spelled words and because they can get a higher rank for them. In addition, targeting misspelled words may catch traffic that would otherwise be missed.

Although it is a well tested strategy, there are always things that can be improved and this is what Snickers did in its new "You are Not You When You're Hungry" campaign. The brand not only targeted misspelled keywords, but also implied in their ad copy that the mistake was made because the user needed a Snickers.

When working with AdWords, brands need cooperation from Google, of course, and Snickers also turned to the search engine for help. It got a list of the top 500 search terms and then came up with another list of 25,381 different misspellings of these terms, including "wether", "amazin", "definately" and "wierd." The list was then run for UK users, with some of the misspelled entries even leading to a specially designed website that welcomes users with the announcement: "Oh deer. Its hard to spel when your hungry".

As a result of the AdWords campaign Snickers got 558,589 ad impressions on terms from its list in two days, the brand said. Since the campaign is believed to have great potential, Snickers plans to roll it out in other countries as well, Search Engine Watch reports.

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Comment by Kevin Godfrey on May 14, 2013 at 13:46

Three points:-

1 People look this up?

2 Ok, a slightly different way to skin a cat...

3 ...but about as creative as drawing eyes on the 'O's of the word LOOK

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