In today’s competitive scenario, it is of critical importance to design an exceptional website that would help you stand apart from the rest and stay way ahead of your competitors.

A wonderfully designed website however, is not just enough; a good website should assist you in building your brand as well as business strategy.An efficient team would be delivering personalized design concepts for literally every project. Your website should be suited to your business model. Whether your company is looking for a communication platform or sales focused website, competent designers today use suitable tools to create a site that certainly enhances your online presence and definitely takes your business forward.

1) Responsive Web Design Strategy

The web world is said to have undergone some technological changes and responsive web design is at the forefront as far as content marketers are concerned. Responsive web design implies you can write content and publish it once. The layout actually changes according to the capabilities and size of the device.

There has been an astronomical rise in web surfing through mobile devices. You are confronted with a multitude of diverse screen sizes across tablets, smartphones, phablets, desktops, TVs, consoles and even wearable devices like smart watches. As the screen size is constantly changing, you need to optimize your website for all these mobile devices. Your website should be designed in such a manner that it should be able to adapt to whatever screen size.

2) Maintaining Consistency

It is a good idea to keep elements such as color, layout or font fairly consistent in your site. Your site should have a smooth flow from one page to another. This means that your font, color and layout structure should be basically the same throughout your site to maintain consistency. It is important to keep the elements across all pages constant so that the viewers do not feel lost.

3) No Stock Photography

People are no longer interested in the glamour shots. They are looking for definitely more realistic view of exactly what a product is portraying or representing. Dry stock photos with dull white background are definitely not in vogue. People are looking for story and personality. Use only meaningful images in your website. Your images generate subconscious messages that are transmitted to your audience.

4) Using Responsive Images

Designers can now create responsive layouts which are known to serve various image sizes of different resolutions. Designers are now able to develop mobile-optimized images that are ideal for smaller screens and they can then come up with higher-resolution versions for larger screens. You may use JavaScript and htaccess files for different sized images according to screen width. You could also, use tools such as TinySrc that lets you only prefix all large pictures with a TinySrc URL and the rest is left to the tool to do.

5) CSS Media Queries

You could follow a tutorial from CSS-Tricks, which discusses ways to bring about subtle modifications with media queries and ways of using media queries on a single style-sheet. For example, in case of a fluid-width design with a sidebar that is 35 per cent of the actual width of the page, then based on the actual width of the browser window, one could tell what to do if the browser is very narrow, or what to do if it is wider, and also, what exactly to do if it is really quite wide.

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