April 2015 Blog Posts (18)

3 Lead Generating Tips to Turbo-Charge your B2B Event Marketing

It’s becoming more and more apparent to B2B marketers that people like to buy from people, even in B2B marketing. In fact, for the fourth year in a row, B2B Marketers have rated…


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Blog design – 8 basic elements every blog should have

Actually much of the important thinking that goes into a great blog design has nothing to do with colours or layouts, it’s to do with the purpose of the blog – this will drive everything. The packaging is just the packaging – it’s still important but something that should be designed…


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60 Seconds with...Koozai

Ahead of the upcoming Marketing within the Leisure Sector conference, London, 13th May - Digital Marketing giant Koozai share the best and worst in…


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60 seconds with ... LV= Marketing Comms Manager

Hot pants, Einstein and unruly marketing jargon. We spend 60 seconds with Liz Sands from LV= who will be appearing at On The Edge's Financial Service marketing…


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Marketing To The Modern B2B Buyer

Whether from inbound, outbound or referral marketing activity, not a day goes by when B2B Marketers aren’t fighting to generate more leads.

And it’s not easy when the attitudes and behaviours of B2B buyers are changing as rapidly as the digital landscape itself. By the time a buyer makes contact with your business, they can be up to 90% (!) of the way through the decision-making process.

So as the modern b2b buyer becomes blinder to content and marketing communications in…


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60 Seconds with...The National Trust

Laura Scarlett, The National Trust's Loyalty Program Director & Director of Data & Analytics shares the highs and lows of her marketing career.

This all ahead of the upcoming…


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Content marketing infographic No.2

IF ..content marketing was Bradley Wiggins’ bicycle

Here’s the second in our series of content marketing graphics which attempt to demonstrate the power of Content Marketing through visual metaphor. Here we see Sir Bradley powering his content hub with high quality blogs, leading to a growing audience and competition bashing results. …

content marketing infographic no.2


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60 Seconds with.. This Is Prime

Managing Director of This Is Prime lets on what really makes a memorable event and wonders if Sly …


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The Importance Of Conversion Tracking in AdWords

It’s easy to spend a fortune on Google AdWords. Paying for clicks can be addictive, and is surprisingly simple to setup. Google haven’t made billions for no reason – they’ve designed a system that seems very simple, but is actually very complicated. In this article we’ll explore how you can avoid falling into the trap of spending a fortune on AdWords without knowing if you’re getting the returns you need. 

The first step is to set up conversion tracking. This allows you to put a piece…


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Uh-Oh! 3 Practical steps to save your B2B lead generation strategy

We’re over a quarter of the way through 2015 already (crikey), and as time flies so do our strategic marketing goals, lead generation targets and department budgets as well.

But when it comes to that all-important quarterly review, are you ready to smash the socks off your planned vs…


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Good blog titles – 6 tactics that work [and 5 to avoid]

Creating good blog titles is very important to the success of a content marketing strategy – they need to be both compelling, so people will click and share them and they need…


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Don't call us. We'll call you. And steal your data.

While the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements have yet to be finalised, 20 years of European jurisprudence is a strong indication of the direction of travel where the supervisory authorities are going to clamp down hard on those organisations and their outsourcing providers that…


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The Work Perk Rounds Off Q1 2015 With Raft Of New Sampling Campaigns and Client Wins


London, 10th April 2015: The Work Perk, has made a strong start to 2015 by kicking off a raft of new sampling campaigns including one for Unilever. The campaign will involve the distribution of Unilever’s new blended…


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If you weren't a marketer, what would you be?

We recently asked our group what they would be doing if they weren't in marketing and thoroughly enjoyed reading the results!…


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Investing Time in Imagery will Change your Marketing


There’s a reason that Apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are doing so well.

Because in a world filled with the need for instant gratification, an image can say it all without having to explain itself or cause the viewer to go to any unnecessary effort to understand the…


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What's your marketing superpower?

To be honest, I’m still blown away by our ability to pause and record live telly. It feels like a futuristic gadget that’s travelled back in time and we’re being allowed to use it. 

Technology has opened up this gateway of super cool, far-fetched possibilities. We now live in an age…


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World first in pizza delivery history: 400% more pizza with 100% less driver

Customers placing orders through the Domino’s website and mobile app will soon have the option to be delivered by the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicle, the Domi-No-Driver.

The new fleet of driverless pods will be rolling out across the UK in April 2015.

When an order is…


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The Inventive April Fools Stunts of 2015

It started this morning, I woke up and saw Domino's new Domi-No-Driver (great name by the way)on my phone and although not as good as their Edibox last year it was still a good stunt.…


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