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The Event Marketing Trends of 2015

As all marketers know, exhibiting at events is a costly marketing strategy that can be difficult to gain positive ROI. But the staid days of tables and chairs, and sales men pitching to people from all angles is a thing of the past, as the event trends of 2015 show, it’s no longer about selling, it’s about…


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Digital Marketing Tips to Maximise your B2B Event Marketing

Is event marketing out dated in the era of all things digital?

Stats from the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends report proves not…

Despite the growth of digital trends and technologies, In-person events still come out on top when it comes to B2B lead generation – We’re a sociable bunch and it shows!

Marketing at tradeshows and events isn’t easy (or cheap) but…


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Meeting Cameron & Doses of Insanity

60 Seconds with Gez Smith: Meeting Cameron & Doses of Insanity

Gez Smith has been engaging people online for the last 13 years, having designed and managed some of the largest online public engagement exercises ever run in the UK including campaigns…


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The Dalai Lama, Astronauts & Meerkats

We caught up with Harold de Vries, Head of B2B Marketing at LG Electronics in this quick 60 second interview to hear about his career highs and lows and who he thinks is the 'brand to watch'.

What's the most embarrassing moment of your marketing…


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Easy and efficient ways to collect your customers’ data

Your marketing campaigns whether it be email or mobile, will only be as good as your data.

So what’s the best way to collect your customers’ data?

With so many different ways to be in contact with your customers these days it would be wrong to assume that only one way is best. It always depends on your type of business and clientele.

The meteoric rise of online and social media has posed many different…


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Turbo-Charged Lead Generation - Bottom of the Funnel Tips

You’ve turbo-charged your way to the bottom of the funnel, and the end is in sight. Your prospects are qualified, but the question remains whether they are ready to convert to sale, or slip back into the funnel.

Turbo-charging your way to sales success is all about providing your prospects with the right offer AND your sales team with the right information, to effectively speed up and close the sale.

Here’s our pick of the top do’s and don’ts to turbo-charge your…


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[INFOGRPAHIC] Wimbledon: Advertising at the Champions

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Lead Nurturing Activity Your Sales & Marketing Team Can't Afford to Miss

It’s the era of engagement. B2B Marketing is no longer about marketing and selling on a business-to-business mind-set; we’re marketing and selling to humans.

On the flipside of this though, B2B prospects themselves are becoming faster and more independent in their research. Up to 90% of the buying journey is…


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London’s Digital Tech Sector Takes Limelight

London is capped as ‘most exciting’ city in the world for technology as UK-based FinTech companies raise a staggering £1.5bn in VC funding for the first 6 months of 2015, according to research from …


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Why SME’s can No Longer Rely on Social Media?

Just over 10 years ago when social media arrived, the playing field for all businesses appeared to be levelled. Small businesses could target their audience directly, and just as well as the big brands without the need for any huge marketing budget.

It was an era that gave any business…


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iProspect Launches NEXTGEN with Bespoke Digital Marketing Course developed with Google

Performance marketing agency first in the world to launch tailored version of Squared Online as part of its new global talent initiative, NEXTGEN.

iProspect, the global leading digital performance marketing agency, has today become the…


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