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There's Something You Need To Know About Facebook (Part 1)

Recently, I've had the privilege to connect with a few brilliant Entrepreneurs who are utilizing facebook very effectively for their business.

The sad thing here is that many marketers still don't believe they can actually make money using only facebook as their marketing platform. That's not disregarding other social networks though. Buttom line is - always go for what's working for you (There can be more than one, but choose wisely).

People who know they are doing,…


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Survey Predicts Desk Phone Extinction In Five Years

August 30, 2012

With constant technological developments and changes, it's important for businesses to keep a close eye on the shifts that take place so that they can react in time.

A new survey from Virgin Media Business, which interviewed UK company CIOs on how they think technology…


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Taking advantage of a Naked Prince Harry

After the naked pictures of the partying Prince were published in The Sun, you would think that a PR nightmare would unfold on the Royal household, but no, instead people were more than happy to accept that, royal or not, everyone should be able to let their hair down once in a while.

This lead to a great bit of marketing from the Las Vegas Tourism and Convention Authority. They created a social media campaign shaming those responsible and reminding everyone that ‘What happens…


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'Bic Pens for her' - PR stunt or terrible mistake?

I came across the reviews for one of BIC's latest products; Pens for her. Firstly I couldn't figure out if these pens were an intentional PR stunt or if, due to their patronising tone, description, look... pretty much the entire product, the backlash was in fact genuine and a huge mistake on behalf of BIC.

Everything, from the floral design to…


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Virtual shopper is the future, says Wunderman CTO

Back in January, Gregory Roekens predicted that virtual shopping with a virtual assistant would be the next big technological advance. Over half way through 2012 one of his predictions has already become a reality.

Wunderman is a global network of advertising, marketing and consulting companies. They specialise in "digital, social, mobile, local, performance and data-driven" marketing.…


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Instagram, Pinterest See Huge Growth

August 29, 2012

While many brands have mostly been concerned with their social media strategies regarding networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the so-called niche social platforms have been quietly and somewhat unexpectedly gaining ground away from the spotlight, according to new data from…


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A New Approach to Jobseeking: Interview with Dan Woodington

Name: Dan Woodington

Job title: Marketing Manager

Years in Marketing: 10

UK Marketing Network (UKMN): Why did…


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How to drive traffic to your business blog using SEO keywords

“Your keyword will be defined by the company it keeps”.We love this quote from SEO expert Bruce Clay, speaking recently at SES San Francisco. Clay’s words herald a new evolution of SEO, and the principles of context and using broader keyword lists and synonyms apply equally well to …


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Social Commerce To Grow 44% By 2014

August 28, 2012

Social commerce is gaining popularity among UK consumers and is expected to become more prominent over the next couple of years, according to new research from eBay and Conlumino.

The study predicts that by 2014 the value of sales made via social shopping in the UK will…


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Less Than Half Of UK Top 100 Brands Optimise Sites For Mobile

UK brands seem to be finally starting to get the message that marketers have been trying to put across for quite some time now – mobile optimisation is a must in a world where consumers and their mobile devices are constantly together.

New research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) reveals that almost 40% of the UK´s top 100 brands have already optimised their website for mobile. Similar research from Google in 2011 found that 79% of brands were yet…


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Young Britons Use Internet For Shopping, Research

Young Britons, aged 18 to 34, are interested in getting information about their health, finance and employment opportunities online, but are not too preoccupied with environmental issues, according to a new survey on how young people use the Internet and how they respond to marketing campaigns, carried out by online media and technology company Burst Media.

When asked about the factors that shape their purchasing decisions, almost half of those polled cite…


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UK Students Not Ready To Shop On Facebook

August 23, 2012

Although social media plays an important role for young Britons, the vast majority of them (91%) are not willing to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities offered on Facebook, a new poll from youth marketing agency The Beans Group suggests.

In contrast, just 4% of the…


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The Single Attribute Absolutely Essential for a Successful Career in Marketing

By Mac Shokar, Rocket Bags

I’m not one to start a LinkedIn discussion. Sure, I sometimes browse through the more interesting ones. And occasionally I might even jump in and have a say. But to start a discussion? I’ll pass the spotlight to someone else thanks (like Shane!).

So what triggered …


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How The Media Can Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic And Revenue

Recently Pinterest become open to all, instead of Invite Only, have you discovered how to use it to drive traffic?

By Paul Armstrong, Mindshare…


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John Lewis To Open Pop-Up Shop In Exeter

August 21, 2012

Providing a comprehensive shopping experience on various channels has become a must and both small and large brands need to ensure their customers' needs are met.

In an attempt to offer a seamless shopping experience, one of the largest UK retailers, John Lewis, is about to open…


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Why Lead Generation is NOT a marketing channel

In recent years, Lead Generation has deservedly blossomed into one of the fastest growing areas of marketing today (42% of sales coming from online leads according to Econsultancy). It's even spawned a new more popular big brother of late - Performance Marketing. Performance covers a much larger area…


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Employing Cloud

By Ian Moyse, Sales Director , Eurocloud UK Board Member and Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member

2012 is rumored as the tipping point for cloud. For the last four to five years, we have heard that cloud (Internet-delivered solutions) is about to go mainstream, however, this year it is not the hype, but real user benefits that are driving adoption

What do I…


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THE CRM Lottery

‘Will you get the outcome you expect or will you be one of the losers?’

By Ian Moyse - Sales Director, 

Eurocloud UK Board Member & Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member

Let’s discuss a couple of the heavyweight C words in the IT Sector, Cloud and CRM.

What do they have in common? Well they have both certainly provoked a lot of press coverage and…


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Google's UK Product Marketing Manager Reflects On Media Trends During Olympics

August 20, 2012

Richard Keelty, UK product marketing manager for Google, last week wrote a post on the corporate blog, reflecting on the trends in media usage and some interesting social media campaigns during the recent Olympic Games in London.

In partnership with NBC, Google…


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