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The power of data visualisation: How to stimulate and engage through compelling graphics

The power of data visualisation: How to stimulate and engage through compelling graphics

It’s no exaggeration that individuals are becoming more demanding when it comes to content – how often do you simultaneously multi-screen and skim-read articles? In today’s climate, some of us are even struggling to find the time and energy to read more than half a…


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Why You Shouldn't Overlook Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing.

So it’s hardly surprising that we sit here with Bill Gates’ 1996 essay “Content is King” loudly ringing true in our ears; hardly…


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Tips For Delivering Evergreen Content

Why not branch out to include evergreen articles as part of your online content?

Whilst up-to-date news is a must in terms of content marketing, evergreen articles are not time-sensitive. Examples of evergreen content include ´how to…´ guides and ´tips on…´ features. Evergreen articles…


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Brands Should Focus On Specific Social Sites For Better Effect

We all know the importance of social media to brands, but how do you decide which channels are right for you?

Globally, users appear to have an insatiable appetite for social media. Statistics show that an average user spends between 30 minutes and three hours on social sites every day,…


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GoPro: No Advertising Agency Needed

When you’re selling a product as cool as a GoPro, you don’t need an advertising agency.

Like Red Bull, GoPro has positioned itself in such a way that it is now synonymous with extreme sports. Thanks to the breathtaking videos and incredible versatility of their cameras, they have gathered a huge social following from the ‘X-Games…


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Restaurant Brands Using Social Media On The Rise

Do you follow your favourite restaurants via social media?

Digital marketing can help businesses reach large audiences and establish relationships with them at relatively low cost. This is one of the reasons why the channel is becoming so popular among businesses from all sectors.…


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Things To Consider When Running Competitions On Twitter

Running a competition on social networking sites has recently become a favourite way for brands to engage users and boost follower numbers. Although organising a contest may seem like a simple thing to do, there are some details that businesses should get right to make sure their campaign is successful.

Taking Twitter as an example,…


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Say Farewell To Google Analytics Keyword Data

On 23rd September 2013 Google confirmed changes were coming in relation to the keyword data it provides in Google Analytics. They are currently working on encrypting all keyword search data meaning that your 'Not provided' keywords will soon reach 100%, as no such data will be provided in Google Analytics.


Content marketers and SEO's are already familiar…


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How To Make Pre-Roll Ads Effective

Are you a “watcher” or a “skipper” when it comes to video ads?

According to recent research I came across by in-stream advertising technology provider AdoTube, ads displayed before video content, called pre-rolls, are more widely used by marketers in the UK than they are elsewhere. In…


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9 content marketing tips to reach your target audience

Hands up all those who have spent the best part of a day carefully crafting a perfectly-formed press release (or blog, or podcast, or online video), only to wonder if the thing is eventually going to be consumed by the right people.

It can be a heartbreaking task creating content that you…


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Get inside the heads of our On The Edge London Speakers

Dave Chaffey, CEO & Co-Founder,

An interesting fact about you: Pre-web, in the 80s I worked in St.Helena, where Napoleon was exiled, as a Geologist

Who would play you in a film? Matt Bellamy of Muse - don't look like him but like his…


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Pinterest To Introduce Promoted Pins

I knew it was only a matter of time before Pinterest jumped on the promoted content bandwagon.

Apparently, Pinterest is going to join the likes of bigger social networking sites that have already opened their doors to advertising. The news was announced by the company, which said it had…


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Pinterest Drives Traffic, Not Ad Views, Study Finds

A recent study from ad technology firm Yieldbot has revealed that Pinterest drives more traffic to a corporate website than any other social site but visitors from Pinterest are less likely to click on ads.

The fact that heavy traffic comes from Pinterest may not be surprising, considering that the social site is one of the fastest growing at the…


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Survey Shows Two In Three Consumers Trust Online Ads

Consumers are surrounded by commercial messages and brands are facing the challenge of making an impression amid competition that has never been so fierce. But what do consumers actually think of advertising? This is what marketing research firm Nielsen tried to find out in its Trust In Advertising survey.

Generally, consumers have more trust…


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2013 Social Media – Facts And Figures

As 2013 is approaching its last three months, it´s time to take a look at some of the key developments in the world of social media so far.

Overall, this has been a year that strengthened the position of social as a marketing channel. Facebook is still dominating the social world, with about…


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Facebook Users Post 4,000 Pictures Every Second

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when you log on to your Facebook account and see a flood of images in your News Feed? Rest assured, you´re not alone.

There are more than 250 billion photos published on Facebook at present, with the number spiralling upwards every second. This is according to a…


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B2B marketing tips - what makes buyers tick

By Tariq Khwaja:

Great insight into how European business buyers think and behave is revealed by the 2013 Buyersphere study, which probed 500 purchasers of significant business items (worth £20k - £78m each) in the UK, France and Germany.

For anyone in B2B marketing it’s worth looking at the research in full, but here are the findings I think are most significant – or…


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Digital Marketing: How to Share and Smile like Coca Cola

Coca Cola marketing: When you think of Coca Cola what image springs to mind? A glass bottle? A red can? …


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Red Cross Launches Personalised First-Aid App

The Red Cross has launched a new app that aims to promote first aid skills by making users witness a crime, reports.

The app is recommended for users over the age of 16 and is offered with a warning that some viewers may find the content disturbing.

To personalise the experience and make it more powerful, the "Witness" app uses…


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Does Google+ Boost SEO?

The debate on whether search engine ranking is affected by Google + shares seems to be developing further, according to a post I was reading last night on Search Engine Watch. Despite the fact that Google´s spam team leader Matt Cutts debunked the assumption himself, many marketers are still…


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