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ASA To Tackle Misleading Online Ads

October 30, 2012

Brands which use exaggerated claims in their Internet ads will soon be targeted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which starts a clampdown on misleading online advertisements for next year, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Аccording to Guy Parker, chief executive of ASA, thousands of complaints from consumers have been received…


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5 SEO tips for successful business blogging

It’s simple to build a blog, but to build a successful business blog with a significant level of traffic sustained over the long-term to achieve measurable results – now that’s a challenge.

Yet with 57% of companies running a business blog having acquired a customer through their blog, it clearly is…


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It’s Official: Everything Everywhere’s Rebrand To EE Has Begun

Advertised as the UK’s biggest corporate rebrand, Everything Everywhere will be launching as EE tomorrow when the 4G service will be switched on.…


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Royal Mail Unveils Christmas 2012 Stamps

You know Christmas is getting near when you start seeing the festively designed stamps across your mail. Instead of Tesco who shove Christmas right in your face with their hoards of tinsel-decorated aisles as soon as the 1st September hits, the Royal Mail Christmas stamp illustrations softly invite you into the Christmas period.

We can’t wait for the Christmas countdown. Lots of festively-designed products and stationery prop up around Christmastime and we love examining the…


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You can’t choose your family – you can choose your customers

According to a new study undertaken by IBM with 1700 CMOs around the world there are three new realities of life for the CMO :

  1. The empowered customer is now in control of the business relationship
  2. Delivering customer value is paramount — and an…

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Argos Catalogue Gets Dumped For New Digital Overhaul

The Argos catalogue has always been the safe option in the past when searching for gifts, especially around Christmastime. Hoards of consumers have rapidly flicked through their pages, scanning various items from kitchenware to jewellery in search of last minute presents…


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Young Brits Want Bargains, Convenience From Brands

October 29, 2012

Young people are not only among the most open-minded consumers, willing to experiment, but they are also the future top-spenders in the UK and as such have been the focus of marketing research from many brands and research agencies. What young Brits want from brands was…


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New Vodka Brand Brings Out Your Masculine Side

Is the macho man back in fashion? Does tough masculinity need to be restored in today’s growing metrosexual males? Drinks brand Brown-Forman have unveiled Maximus Vodka, an alcohol that aims to acknowledge the worries of the modern man and champion their burliness.

In a bid to acknowledge the worries of young men about inheriting a world filled with economic doubt, Wieden + Kennedy have created…


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Pudsey The Bear Swaps Nudity For Burberry

The Children in Need mascot has always been a bear in the bare – until now. Iconic designers, including Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham have all become Pudsey’s personal stylist…


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Brits Most Likely To Click On Shared Events

October 25, 2012

British social media users are most likely to click on a shared event but this activity leads to the highest revenues when Irish consumers do it, a new study from online ticketing company Eventbrite has suggested.

The company analysed ticket purchases on its site by tracking…


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impact of the Internet in an ever increasing Digital Era

In an ever increasing digital era Business Consort has discovered some facts that give food for thought when looking at where businesses advertising spend should be allocated.

Business Consort - The Digital and Social Media Marketing Academy reviewed 'The Connected Kingdom Report' produced by The Boston Consulting Group to see exactly how important the internet…


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10 Advantages of online versus traditional marketing

Many businesses are curious about online marketing, but don’t understand how it can directly increase their business.

Many of them are seeing less return from their advertisements in traditional media like The Yellow Pages, newspapers and direct mailing campaigns, and are looking to explore new ways of expanding their market share.

The advantages of online marketing is often a more cost-effective solution for businesses.

10 Advantages of Online Marketing Vs Traditional…


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6 tips for writing a great press release headline

You’ll not always have a regular flow of newsworthy stories to use in your public relations efforts.  So when one with potential emerges, it’s important to make the most of it; and its success can come down to the quality of the press release.  Write it badly and it may go unnoticed.  Write it well and it will have a much better chance of being picked up and published. 

And key element of a strong press release is a great headline.

Here are six…


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4 ways to increase lead generation from your business blog

Not only does a business blog offer an excellent means of positioning yourself as an industry thought leader, it can also dramatically improve your visibility within search results and encourage you to publish regular content that you can repurpose for use across other online and offline marketing…


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Search Still Key For Online Sales

October 23, 2012

Search engines remain the biggest driver of online sales, despite the growing importance of social media as a marketing platform, according to new research from Forrester Research and GSI Commerce.

The study analysed 77,000 consumer orders with the intention of finding out…


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Job Seekers Turn To Mobile Searches

The arrival of smartphones and the more recent advent of tablets have transformed the modern world into a truly mobile one. The effect stretches well beyond the realm of personal use for communication and entertainment. Mobile devices now play a central role in activities related to work, shopping and banking, to mention but a few. The widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets creates business opportunities for virtually every industry and statistics provided…


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ASA Bans "Misleading" Homebase Ads

October 22, 2012

British home improvement retailer Homebase had been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for its latest advertising campaign, which the regulator found to be "misleading", Retail Gazette reports.

The new Homebase adverts announce that consumers can get a 15% discount…


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Lies, damn lies and dress sizes

The truth is elastic.  But as consumers we love it.

Clothes with the feel-good factor sewn in

Take dress sizes.  Recent research conducted by The Economist suggests that the average British size 14 pair of women’s…


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Social Sites Influence Sales Of Toys, Video Games, Smartphones

October 18, 2012

The power of social media as a driver of sales is increasingly obvious to many brands. However, social networking sites are not a panacea for high revenues, as they have a different influence on the purchases of various product categories, a new survey from brand activation agency Arc has…


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3 highly effective blog marketing strategies

The majority of us are now aware of the multitude benefits of creating a corporate blog and the blogging movement has gained serious traction. But while many organisations now have the basics of blogging for business down pat, the next generation of inbound marketers want to crank things up to the next level –…


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