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28% Of Kids Use Tablets Before They Learn To Talk

You know you´re getting old when a toddler teaches you how to use an iPhone.

But it´s what we´re facing – a digital world where kids can master electronic gadgets from a very early age. According to a new study I came across by non-profit organisation Common Sense Media, almost one in three children learn how to use a digital device like a tablet…


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Why your business is in danger

The world is now mobile. If your business isn’t, then you run the risk of being outsmarted by your competition. 

The way we search, connect and interact with brands has changed forever. Improved coverage and mobile web speeds along with the dizzying number of mobiles devices means that your website has to work much harder. It not only has to be beautiful and brilliant but it also needs to be able to work across a vast variety of screen sizes and platforms. Trinity Digital…


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Coca-Cola's Secret? Content Marketing

Coca-Cola is without doubt one of the biggest brands ever. Over many decades, the brand has remained among the most recognisable businesses globally by staying close to consumers. But what is the secret of Coca-Cola's success and how does it manage to stay relevant while the world is changing at a mind-blowing speed? The answer is: content marketing.

Even at…


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5 Tips For Content Distribution

The idea of content marketing is by no means revolutionaryJohn Deere is often acknowledged as the first practitioner all the way back in 1895 when he…


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Teens Think Twitter Is More Influential Than Facebook

It has long been known that teens are the major audience on social media. In the UK, about nine in ten teenagers have a Facebook profile, making the site a leader among social platforms. However, according to a new study by investment company Piper Jaffray, teens are gradually moving away from Facebook and are turning to other networks.



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Google: More Pages Do Not Necessarily Lead To Higher Ranking

Those of you who read my blog last week will know that we have recently returned from PubCon in Vegas, where we saw Google´s Matt Cutts speak.

As the SEO industry changes continuously, it´s not often easy to keep track of what you should do to keep your website close to the top of…


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The London Infographic

London, UK: As a T-shirt printing agency in London, we’re obviously head over heels in love with England’s capital city.



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Instagram Users Increasingly Interested In Brand Videos

As a brand, do you use Instagram?

It may not be the first social media platform that springs to mind when thinking about building brand awareness. However, according to a study I came across at the weekend, 40% of the 1,000 most shared videos on Instagram in…


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4 content marketing strategies to target sector specific clients

We all know how fundamental a role online plays in the customer journey. Even if somebody has discovered your business via referral or word of mouth, they are still very likely to check you out online.

Yet many large businesses, particularly those that offer a range of service across…


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ASA Bans BT Ad Blaming Mobile Phones For Poor W-Fi Connection

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a new TV ad by BT, ruling that the ad sent a "misleading" message to users.

The regulator received complaints about the advert which stated that various home devices, such as mobile phones and radios, can interfere with users' wireless Internet. The BT Home Hub advertisement…


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9 Marketing Insights to Drive Online Success in 2014

Whilst we still have a couple of months left before the year is through, I thought now would be a good time to look back over what has been an incredibly challenging year for content marketers. Looking backwards is often a good place to start when it comes to predicting the challenges that lay ahead, so with 2014 on the horizon this article looks back at some of the biggest changes to happen this year and forwards, to speculate about what the future has in store.

To get a clearer…


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Britons Go Online 34 Times A Day

How often do you use your smartphone? And would you turn to your phone instead of facing ´down-time´?

Well, according to results I came across by research company Firefish, an average British consumer uses an Internet-connected device a whopping 34 times per day. UK consumers are so fond…


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How can marketing help grow a small business?

A common misconception often made by small business owners is that marketing is for larger, more established businesses.

I had a chat about this with John Ponsford who spent four days last week completely rewiring all the lights in our house.

I asked John how he gets referrals and he explained that…


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Viva Las Vegas!

Those of you who follow M2 on Twitter will know that Tom, Zoe, and myself have been in Las Vegas this week attending Pubcon 2013.

Pubcon is one of the biggest international gatherings of search and social media innovators…


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D’oh! The PR wisdom of Homer Simpson

It’s not easy devising a PR and marketing strategy when all your competitors are bigger and have larger budgets.

But effective PR needn’t cost the earth, and can simply rest on being able to tell the better story.

Take Homer Simpson.  His wisdom suggests that, once he retires from cartoons, a career in PR…


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‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ marketing- 5 tips on how to make them work together

There are two types of marketing- push and pull- and depending on what business you are in, the type of marketing collateral may differ, but the objective is very much the same.

If you are sending out brochures, direct mail or email, then you are promoting to sell products/ services to…


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The Most Innovative UK Start-Up Companies

Original article posted on the Printsome Blog

As a start-up here in the UK it’s nice to learn that we’re in such good company. Having read through the reviews and testimonies of hundreds of other start-up companies – most a little bit older than us – we…


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B2B Content Marketing Set To Grow Further In 2014

As we´re already well into the final quarter of the year, marketers are looking at trends and developments for 2014. I recently came across The Content Marketing Institute´s new report, outlining key tendencies for content marketing next year. These results can potentially help marketers build…


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PR, conformity and intolerance: a Hallowe’en story

It’s that time of year when children dress up as ghouls or witches and go door-to-door innocently collecting sweets.  But the history of witchcraft is rather more complex – with a contemporary PR message.

Over the Hallowe’en period depictions of witches are everywhere.  Kate Moss, she certainly isn’t, and her very ugliness makes her evil – a PR parable that disability rights groups have been fighting for years.



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Two Brands That Make The Most Of Pinterest

As more and more users take to Pinterest, brands are also increasingly interested in the photo-sharing board. Various statistics show that Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than any of the other major social networking sites and is able to drive sales as well. However, setting up a few boards, pinning some images there and hoping that this will bring…


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