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2010 Loyalty Marketing Predictions

Technology moves ever quicker with a new set of doors opening at an increasing pace.

It would make sense then as we enter January - named after Janus, the Roman god of gates and doors - to look forward to the new year and consider the possible trends which might make it into our marketing programmes.

There is a theme in these predictions (which wasn’t intentional) and it all ties to this first one…

#1 - A stitch in…


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Honesty Is The Best Policy

The weather outside may be frightful but some of the online ethics out there at the moment aren’t quite delightful. A major gripe this festive season is hidden costs. You’re happily shopping online, satisfied with the price quoted on the home page, then bang! The checkout displays a bloated, chunkier version of the original.

Now what has happened in this short period from the basket to the checkout? Has the price overdone the Christmas pudding? Too many Turkey sandwiches perhaps? No.… Continue

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ADSL: mind the speed

Those of you who wonder the speed limit of ADSL connection can find insight looking at this table -

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‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and the shelves were stocked high

With customers browsing and looking to buy

Tills ringing loudly with the sounds of each item

Staff smiling sweetly as they scan, charge and pack them

Customers searching for the latest new gadget

For some it’s a present for others a self gift

Filling their baskets with all that they sell

This holiday season is really going well

More customers coming at this holiday time

Than the…


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On the 3rd day of Christmas my recruiter gave to me...

How working for free pays dividends in the future

Offering your skills for free in return for the chance to enhance your experience within an organisation is the single best way to add a worthwhile contribution to your CV – and it helps keep you sane. The past eighteen months or so have seen many companies adopt this reciprocal approach to work and whilst the relationship may appear to favour the business end of the deal, the altruistic flexibility of the jobseeker… Continue

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Snap your Christmas tree and win a new iPod Shuffle

The chaps over at Only Marketing Jobs are offering one lucky person the chance to win a shiny new iPod Shuffle in your choice of colour!

All you need to do is upload a picture of your beautifully decorated Christmas tree and post it the OMJ Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning.

The style, the shape,… Continue

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The element of surprise

I know winter has arrived - it has finally changed from warm rain to cold rain – and in the last few weeks we’ve had a good drenching.

This brought the inevitable wet floor underfoot and to my amusement there was a sign in my office saying “Wet Floor”.

Apart from the fact that I’m obviously easily amused, the reason this entertained me was because the sign is there almost every day, and this was the first time I've actually seen the floor wet.

The problem is,…


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Social Media Directors YOUR Industry Needs YOU!


This is my first blog post on UK Marketing Network so if I press the button too early I'm sorry! The system appears to be very smooth at loading photos, liked that... go check the royal wedding photos ... if you'd like to see more just google charles and camillas wedding

Back to the mission in hand... needs some answers from us SMDs

I've just read an article by Dirk Smillie on,… Continue

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Top 10 reasons why you should join the UK Marketing Network

Choosing the right social networking site is a bit like playing pin-the-tail on the donkey: it’s easy if you’re know where your heading but stick on a blindfold and turn a couple of spins and the outcome is less guaranteed. With so many websites on the shelf, which one do you pick?

Here are some reasons why the UK Marketing Network needs to be in your mix:

1. You are a marketing professional based in the UK. The UKMN is a site aimed at marketing… Continue

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How do recruiters find the best marketing candidates?

Since the economic downturn many questions have been raised about the future of the staffing industry and the validity of traditional recruiters in it. Having established that professional search & selection firms will once again flourish in the upturn, it will be interesting to see which paths are taken to evolve into the requisite integrated agencies of the anticipated ‘new era’.

One thing is…


Added by Mark lennox on December 9, 2009 at 0:00 — 3 Comments

Tacky or Genius?

Sure we understand how difficult it is out there in the business world. People are looking to keep hold of their jobs, marketing budgets have been cut and yet targets still need to reached perhaps more so now than ever before.

It is a fine line between cutting back on creativity and preserving your marketing/advertising budget and actually harming your brand awareness and recognition. Your advertising can be effective and memorable in a number of ways. Whilst some may seem quite… Continue

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Any thoughts on mystery shopper use?


I had a very interesting meeting with Carol MColl of Mystery Shopper Scotland today. I'd met Carol to investigate how we might do business together and help each others businesses.

What I didn't expect was the breadth and variety of client types that Carol and her team support via their mystery shopper operation. I had expected mystery shopper clients to be large blue chips and multi-site retail operations.

Carol does deal with this type of client, but is… Continue

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A losing battle.

And the word of the week is decontextualisation.

It crops up in a recently published book by Dr Iain McGilchrist called The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and The Making of the Western World.

It’s a book of two halves.

And it’s not an easy read.

In the first line of his introduction, Dr McGilchrist writes, “This book tells a story about ourselves and the world, and about how we got to be where we are now”.


A pretty broad subject.

However,… Continue

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ASDA - Loyalty rejecters?

ASDA CEO Andy Bond reportedly said just a few weeks ago "You can't buy loyalty with plastic points"

Going on to say about Tesco Clubcard “They're based on conditional selling and only reward people that spend the most. At ASDA we reward customers with the lowest-possible prices everyday. That's why more people than ever are choosing to shop at ASDA.”

On the first point he’s dead right,…


Added by Mark Sage on December 7, 2009 at 21:01 — 4 Comments

Is Linkedin king in the business social networking world?

By Lee-Ann Bedford, Aqua Pebble

The two major social networks aimed at the professional community are Linkedin and Plaxo. Linkedin claims over 50 million users and Plaxo claims to host address books for over 40 million. While researching both Linkedin and Plaxo I came… Continue

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Caffeine Overdose: Is the future of SEO's in it's own past?

As I'm writting those lines the beta version is still KO, still doesn't answer.

A 404 on one of the main Search Engines is not really an affordable thing for any company when you plan launching a new product. But when you are the main SE on this market affording this is just out of the words.

The main question with Google those last months is were are they going, their new algorythms since March seems to underline a rupture with the SEO's little… Continue

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The ROI of Social Media?

That's trendy, here or there, everybody is thinking about Social Media ROI. That's the first word people seem to know about it.

This little video from socialnomics is a great punchy overview of the biggest successes but don't tell the whole truth. The ROI of being social is probably in most of cases really important, but is far from being in terms of money, that's a long term strategy, and a sure source of benefits improvement if your product worth it.…


Added by Bruno Lancement on December 7, 2009 at 11:12 — 2 Comments

Reputation Banking!

That's maybe not the freshest news. But those kind of things are what I like.

Cory doctorow described the system years ago in his (really good) books and give it a name: Whuffie! The system is quite simple. A currency based on your reputation, the knowledge you share and not only the knowledge you own.

That's utopic but I think that could be a great experiment. The really good point with it is the possibility to implement it with twitter, and future integration with other… Continue

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Motor Sports Sponsorship, An Opportunity For Marketing Teams?

During these last few weeks we have witnessed some exciting developments in the world of motorsports sponsorship, particularly at the highest level, Formula 1. The announcement by Santander that they are backing Ferrari with a five year deal and extending their association with McLaren by a further two years is I believe a good sign.

Even better is that Santander made a stated return of 5 Euro on every 1 Euro that they invested in the McLaren deal, this demonstrates that as a company… Continue

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FREE Account Management for Charity and Non Profit Organisations

Absolutely Design are taking the approach of offering FREE account management on projects of any size for Charity and non-profit organisations. Is it a gimmick or a real offer?

This is a real offer; charities have found the recent economic climate a difficult place to work in. With a growing demand for their services whilst coping with falling income, it has meant they have had to take a real look at themselves, just as many other businesses have. Yet they still have major… Continue

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