Essential skills to look for when hiring a digital marketer

Digital marketing is huge term that involves a variety of soft and technical skills & careers from social media managers and media planners to ad buyers and paid marketing consultants. It also requires good understanding with web platforms, design and strategy along with good verbal communication and writing skills. A professional digital marketer has the capability to understand the upcoming trends of web, social and digital channels and know the art of incorporating and using them in a strategic manner. They know the differences among different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Below I am sharing few essential skills you must look for when hiring the best digital marketing company in California for creating a digital brand image in the industry.

Strong data analysis skills

We all know the importance of data. Specific data provides useful insight about any specific issue for which the data is collected. When it comes to estimate the potential of any product or service a vendor is offering previous customer data and sales record is analyzed to take an idea. No matter how huge data you may have collected, unless you don’t have someone to analyze this data to interpret the hidden information it’s useless. Often a digital marketer has not only good data analysis skills but also to use it efficiently.

Paid social media campaigns

A digital marketer must have full command to use social media as marketing tool. Initially social media was completely free, later Facebook brought revolution after introducing the option of paid marketing. Paid ads on social media are very effective and generate leads.. A professional marketer must possess complete knowledge of Facebook Insights and Analytical tools, Power Editor, Lookalike audiences, granular targeting of custom audiences and CPM Bidding.

Search Engine marketing

It involves understanding everything from optimizing content on website and blog for organic search along with PPC using Google Ad Words. SEM allows brands to earn authority and higher ranking on search engines to increase organic traffic on a website.

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